Japan’s Nuclear Accidents Just Spilled Milk

5/10 update: more from Automatic Earth on Fukushima.

5/3 update: a good counter narrative arguing Fukushima is a deadly serious accident and where it stops nobody knows.

3/28 update: How powerful was the tsunami? note: video is a little bit long but worth the time.

3/22 update: Wondering why the nuclear catastrophe has fallen out of the news? Here’s a good chart to show why.

On rare occasion one has the privilege of encountering knowledge on an issue of public interest which overturns and discredits all alternate reports.

My blog is on real estate prices, but I hope you will not mind that I ask you to take a look at this post on Fukushima. The report is slightly technical, explains the accidents definitively, and will leave you deeply proud of engineers and scientists.

Japan is in a crisis after the earthquake, but the nuclear accidents are a side show that prove nuclear energy is safe.

“You will know more,” the author says, “about nuclear power plants after reading it than all journalists on this planet put together.” Don’t know about you but I believe him.