5 thoughts on “Key Charts of New Realtor Data

  1. D. Mark Loyd, PE

    Amen brother. Thank you for your intellectual honesty.

    In so many of our industries, supposed experts have chosen the quick buck in favour of the steady course. Intellectual honesty must always be sacrificed for the quick buck.

    My industry is no exception. If ever you have a reason to consider the oil and gas industry, I hope you visit my blog – especially regarding the Shale Gas Scam –


    Best to You and Keep up the Good Work……

  2. dave laposata


    I was relieved to hear from NAR that we have begun a housing sales recovery. I think this is the fourth recovery in the last couple years according to them.


    Got to love the quote of NAR President who says “Buyers with fixed-rate mortgages will save money every year they are living in their home – this is truly an example of how homeownership builds wealth over the long term.” Sure…unless the underlying value of the assets goes down by 20% over the next three or so years.

    The September Existing Home Sales figures are another reminder that numbers can be misleading – 10% above whale dung at the bottom of the ocean is still real close to whale dung at the bottom of the ocean.

    Keep doing what you are doing, I have gained value and insight from your analytic approach.


  3. Will


    I heard on the news today that there was a 10% jump in home sales and apparently that was great news. The stock market rallied in the morning (it was up over a 100 points as I was leaving for work and ended up slightly up). Where does the media get their information????

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