The Scariest Financial Chart of the United States Bar None

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33 thoughts on “The Scariest Financial Chart of the United States Bar None

  1. Tom in Florida

    Great website full of information, thank you. Is there an updated delinquent-sales chart showing june 2010 to date?

  2. JosephConrad

    The seeds for the current finanial cises wer planted about 1971 when the Rothchilds told Rockefeller and their other American ‘errand boys’ to tell Nixon to get all (almost) the US Gold and ship it to London’s Bank of England. Since then, all Americans have seen is Muslim Oil Wars, the end of Savings Banks (see: Paulson!), over 15 MILLION+ US jobs sent to Asia (’74-’08), the end of the US Public Health and Education Systems, the US putting their choices in control of some 85% of current UN nations, the Looting of over $15 TRILLION from the US Treasury (20% to ISRAEL) and anothr $9 TRILLION from Taxpayers.

    This Forclosure stuff is just BULL! The Wealthy thugs KNOW Americans don’t have the GUTS or the SMARTS to put the 10,000 or so 1%ERS IN PRISON! Instead , they’ll whine and accept meaningless ‘reductions’ in Taxes and Government. Connect the Dots!

    Until Bernanke, Paulson, Summers, Friedman, Rubin, Prince & C-Level execs at the 16 “Too Big to Fail” US banks and their ‘buddies’ at Standard & Poors go to JAIL, Americans will continue to be robbed, financially raped and fiscally JACKED UP every day! Just look at you mail & your wallet! All the ‘papers’ in both are a JOKE – ON YOU! Stop the April 15th. ritual and get a GRIP on the 1%-ERS. Then, their ‘Evil’ will DIE! Otherwise, shut up!

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  5. Just a guess

    Read up on A21 (Agenda for the 21st Century) sponsored by the UN and 192 countries. It includes interesting plans for population management and relocating people. Private property ownership may be at risk. Much of what is happening may be directly related to A21.

  6. Eternal Optimist

    The Double-Dip is alive and well and the ranks of the unemployed (and increasingly unemployable) will continue to swell. More mortgages will go UNDERWATER and walk-aways will become run-aways. Banks will be forced to “mark-to-market” and a ton of them will go under – helped by the death of Commercial RE. The BS will continue to flow from the BLS but TSWHTF anyway and the smell will be worse than the stink on the Gulf Coast. Speaking of the Gulf Coast, anyone buying waterfront (up to 500 miles inland) RE there for the long haul? (long haul meaning a coppola thousand years from now).

    Where will RE prices go while all this is happening?

    Why are so many gas stations closing? Could it be that demand is disappearing??? Just think of all the $$$ the unemployed are saving by not having to buy gas to commute to work!

    The ABYSS awaits.

    1. Jimbo

      There’s no double dip because no real recovery ever started, just smoke and mirrors from the Governing Elite while the six banks that received bailout money made billions and the other 500+ banks all lost money.

      As long as the bankers who caused this run free, no private investor again will be stupid enough to invest in RE or much of anything else.

      1100+ bankers were imprisoned after the S&L incidents. Ten times the carnage this time, and every banker roams free in their taxpayer funded limo.

      We richly deserve every bit of the carnage waiting ’round the bend. We are the most wicked people on earth, as a group.

  7. Mike D

    The interestng thing is that one doesn’t even have to be all that great of an intellect to put two and two together and come up with the fact that there is no imminent recovery and it will take years to shake this out. What is it in human psychology that pushes the majority to prefer to believe the obvious deception of a rosy colored future over the truth?

  8. David


    You have a splendid website. A lot of useful information.

    May I suggest that you have a “print” function, so one can print out your charts/comments? In other words, when you have several charts and comments, one has to copy then download the charts. A much better way will be to simply click and print the charts AND comments.


  9. Richard Sanchez

    One of the dramatic changes that we have seen, only recently, is China is allowing their currency to appreciate. That means after years of allowing it to be fixed to the USA dollar they are now letting it, in essence, to become more expensive to purchase.

    That means Chinese goods will become more expensive and more expensive over time. As a result, American products will be able to more effectively able to compete against Chinese goods. I realize someone in China who is making 25 cents an hour will be much cheaper than american union worker making $25/hour. However, if the Chinese worker who is demanding raises now, combined with an appreciating Chinese currency make raise their costs to $10/hour over the next 5 years. Combined with future higher shipping costs.

    Overall this means America will be better able to compete with foreign goods and we might actually have job creation. People who have jobs will buy housing and I would expect an increase in the demand for housing, and thus prices too.

    This has to be tied to the fact they are currently reducing loan principal amounts on people who are way under water. I know someone who had their loan reduced 50% (with no payback). Now they will not lose their home but will eventually sell it at a profit.

    All is my opinion.

  10. Chris S

    We had a purchase contract in progress in Jan, $560K. We backed out after doing the home inspection. It was a $1.2M prop 36 months ago. There were no other buyers. Went to auction 2 weeks ago. No bids, reverted to lender. Same story with another house we were watching.

    At that time there were 64 houses in our search group. Now, 6 months later, there are 81 houses, 35% more for sale. Nothing above $400K is moving. Dead. Days on market has become years on market. Many of the props have been for sale for 3 years.

    The sellers are in Disneyland. They don’t want to cut their prices, so the result is no sales. The sales numbers for July will sink like a rock. The number of buyers in the >$417K range have fallen by 100 fold. There are no buyers. Those people trying to sell houses are in VERY deep trouble. They are praying things will turn around. Yeah right, they better get knee pads.

    We are now in vulture hover mode, waiting for the next meltdown, waiting for more blood in the streets. Won’t buy now otherwise.

    One of the local banks here got a notice from FDIC. Within 2 months they dumped all their props for $0.59 on the dollar. Had to raise cash. As the pain spreads, more sellers and banks will have no choice but to sell for anything they can get. Prices will collapse.

    The demographics say in 10 years there will be 3 houses for sale for every 1 buyer. The math cannot be changed. Prices will never be as high again in our lifetimes. Anyone thinking this is going to turnaround is ignorant of the facts. The train wreck has only begun. It will get much worse.


  11. tom

    i can’t say where prices are going but i can say that the direction will be down, assuming the value of the dollar remains constant.

    1. tom

      agreed. i was expecting prices to fall sooner than they did, and farther. however, i wasn’t expecting all the government intervention. in hindsight, i guess i should have expected nothing less. in addition to government intervention, we had most people believing housing was going to make a comeback in a year or two. they didn’t understand that housing must return to traditional pricing. but the market will always exert itself, no matter what people believe..

      1. Rob in bubble busted land Madrid

        It was the same in Canada, the market tanked 3 years ago, everyone said that was it the bubble had burst etc. but what no one counted on was the Canadian government flooding (and I mean flooding) the market with money. Pretty much overnight mortgages went from a standard 10% down 25 year amortization to zero down 40 years and it literally lit a rocket under the market, prices up something like 40 to 50 percent. Bidding wars everything. has all the gory details

  12. Buck

    Mr. White:

    I will be the fool to wager exactly where prices are going: to a place where rents become an effective yield on the capital.

    And to this fool the gap does not frighten; it thrills.

      1. Buck

        With gravity as a guiding principle, even a horde ill with madness and led by the blind will find the bottom of a mountain, eventually.

        Upon expiration their lifeless bodies roll unencumbered down the bumpy slope to the destination.

  13. Land can produce 49.22% Gross return per month!
    It did for me for 10 years from 2000 to 2009.
    It will again from 2016 to 2022.
    The buy @ the bottom window will be:
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    1. Land Barron


      I agree with you 100%.

      I made a fortune myself from 2000-2009 buying/selling/land and buying/selling/leasing other Real Estate.

      I have been loading up on Northern CA land that I am buying for about 25 cents on the dollar. I mean PRIME land. I have also acquired Multi Family properties in Northern CA and Minneapolis/St. Paul for about 40 cents on the dollar (compared to peak sales prices). All of these properties cash flow right now.

      I have also managed to flip some properties immediatley yeilding upwards of 100% profit. RIGHT NOW TODAY – in this supposed garbage real estate market.

      True investors are and will be making alot of money in this environment.

      It is a beautiful thing!!!

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