The Five Stages of America’s Housing Bubble

Note to readers: During a period when I am rarely posting, I am keeping this old post on the cover because it’s a good two-minute lesson on the housing bubble. If you want a massive in-depth review of our housing story, check out the latest version of 10 Key Charts. Very little has changed since that Spring 2011 posting.

PRINT five stages of america’s housing bubble

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Michael David White is a mortgage originator in 50 states.

14 thoughts on “The Five Stages of America’s Housing Bubble

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  2. Crash

    very interesting. thanks. I am waiting for the trillions of mortgages to be written …. no I am waiting for the value of houses get close to zero then buy LOL

  3. J

    Unless there is a genuine effort by a credible power faction to pull the printing press pronto out of the hands of the FED and restore the power to coin real money back to Congress we are screwed.The illusive green economy that will supposedly re-employ millions of Americans will fade away from memory as quickly as the bread lines form down at WalMart.

    1. Indigenous Centurion

      real money back to Congress we are screwed.The illusive green economy

      Clearly, inflation can no longer camouflage the falling home prices. With peak productivity morphing into peak wages morphing into peak home price morphing into peak monetary pricing-prop-up you can clearly see that staving off the bottom bounce in prices will merely prolong the inefficiency of manipulated markets. Has the domino of peak oil toppled the domino of peak auto prices now toppling peak suburban sprawl. As Hindus will we soon walk to work when only the lucky will ride bicycles?

      But it will not be so simple. The banking-government-oligarchy will continue to postpone the final bottom bounce as they squirrel away anything they can glean from the unsuspecting, the powerless.

      A crass slow spiral to the grim bottom

      Good luck

      1. J

        Aye!The ancient Romans built their greatest masterpieces of architecture, their amphitheaters, for wild beasts to fight in.

  4. The financial condition of the USA is hopeless.

    What lies in the near future (events are moving very rapidly in today’s world) is simply dictatorship in a veiled militarized state. One dictator assassinated and succeeded by another in his place will be the pattern for a century at least. The USA will become a poverty-stricken country and remain so indefinitely. The USA will probably fragment into independent regions under various war-lords.

    There can be no recovery, no re-birth, no restoration of previously observed principles of government. The voices of sanity – like yours, Mike – will go unheard.

    The old USA is gone forever. Not so, the 300+ million population which will be faced the the problem of survival.

    Sorry to be so blunt.


  5. Jimbo

    Well then, why don’t we just do that now? I won’t even have to take two aspirins and check how I’m feeling in the morning! Great article…I guess (just joking).

      1. Jimbo

        Michael I love this site. You’re quite the hero to be a RE mortgage broker posting advice to buy later!

        To anyone paying close attention it is crystal clear, that at the national level both major US political parties are pure unadulterated corruption and nothing else. I am a member of an apparently growing group that will never again vote for a R or D running for national office. Your comments welcome.

  6. Robert Young

    I thought this back in 2007 and if we had, the picture would be a whole lot better now. I think the world should declare bankruptcy and start all over from zero.

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